Introducing Tool Saddle

Tool Saddle™ takes care of what is most important to you, your PEOPLE, PRODUCTIVETY AND PROFIT.

Tool Saddle™ is a specialized storage tray that reduces the risk of immediate and long term injury to staff, increases productivity by strengthening continuity, and saves you money every time you use it on scissor lifts, scaffold or on edge protection.

Designed especially to move easily from scissor lifts to scaffold, Tool Saddle™ is suspended in seconds from the top hand rail, taking your tools and materials off the floor and holding them within arms reach right where you need them.

  • Tool Saddle™ is the first of its kind, and all about working smarter.
  • Tool Saddle™ makes it easy to keep work areas tidy.
  • Tool Saddle™ reduces wear and tear on tools.
  • Tool Saddle™ is designed by tradies for tradies, no BS.

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